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At HBT LINE Ltd., we provide advisory and consultancy services to help our clients go the right path to long-term success. Our strength is perfect knowledge of the local environment, in which we can help you navigate. From the very beginning, we act as your support, we will help you to set up appropriate strategies and make adequate decisions.

We help our customers especially in the following areas:

  • market analysis,
  • gaining a competitive advantage,
  • strategy development,
  • increasing sales,
  • development of projects and related studies,
  • cost management, reduction of inefficient costs,
  • business planning,
  • controlling,
  • investment decisions,
  • business performance management,
  • effective marketing,
  • overall organization of the company.

"Success is not an accident; it's something we have to create on purpose."
Carrie Green

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Crisis Management

At HBT LINE Ltd., we can offer our services in the field of crisis management. We can assume responsibility for the management of an economic entity in the course of a problem situation threatening its integrity and economic stability. Most often, these are economically, personally, organizationally or otherwise difficult situations in which it is necessary to stop the downward development of the crisis curve - first to a stable position, then to an upward direction. Our advantage is the ability to immediately engage in crisis management and deploy capacity for non-stop management.

"Sometimes you have to do things you don't want to do so you can do the things you really want to do."
Courtney Carver

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Defence & Security

In the field of defence and security, we are very experienced at HBT LINE Ltd. We are ready to consult defence and security projects. We are able to manage the introduction of new defence and security products. We help entities to navigate in defence and security strategies. We will help you with the organization of roundtables, conferences, professional sessions, marketing events and fairs. We know how to connect with the defence and security industry, search for new opportunities and prepare success strategies.

"To be prepared for war is one of the most effective means of preserving peace."
George Washington

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At HBT LINE Ltd., we aim at creating relationships between people and companies, exchanging information and maintaining personal contacts, all of this leading to a network of connections. Networking is understood as a process of creating and engineering personal and professional contacts with people in order to obtain:

  • personal recommendations,
  • advice,
  • information,
  • support,
  • energy.

We will help you to get where you need to go. We can offer a strategy of relationships development leading to a higher efficiency of labour market. Do not build what is already built – take an advantage of our experience.

"Man is alone, but at the same time he doesn't exist outside relationships."
Erich Fromm

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Real Estate

At HBT LINE Ltd., we offer search, purchase and sale of real estate. We can make a draft of the real estate investment and real estate funds evaluation. We provide advice and consultancy during the purchase process and solutions for further possible construction investments. We also offer effective management of property rental and sublease with guaranteed appreciation.

We provide:

  • property cleaning,
  • repair of underground services faults,
  • routine maintenance to prevent faults,
  • small crafts (painting, small repairs),
  • large-scale craft work (plastering of buildings, replacement of windows),
  • keeping property records,
  • repair and maintenance planning.

"My house - my castle." "
Common saying

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